Luminous Imaging | Bermuda: Blog en-us (C) Luminous Imaging | Bermuda (Luminous Imaging | Bermuda) Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:08:00 GMT Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:08:00 GMT Luminous Imaging | Bermuda: Blog 116 120 Sigma 150-600mm Review Sigma recently launched their new line of telephoto lenses (4th Q 2014), one of which is the 150-600mm f5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport, now available through P-Tech in Bermuda. Bermuda Aerial and Luminous were on assignment yesterday for AAC, a local ad agency to go out and capture some of the AC35 America's Cup teams practising in the Great Sound for a client campaign.

Normally I would carry a Nikon 70-200 for close action, a Sigma 150-500 and might borrow a Nikon F4 200-400 with teleconverter for longer range captures but I happened to stop by at P-Tech to pick up a couple of smaller items and Todd Martin, P-Tech GM pulled me aside to take a look at something new he had just taken delivery of; the Sigma 150-600 Sport. 

Now I already own the Sigma 150-500mm 5.6-6.3 and it is a decent lens, but had read somewhere that the original 150-600 that Sigma put out was not that great, so was really not that keen on it until I saw this new version. What a piece of glass. Much larger diameter than the 150-600 measuring 121mm in diameter by 290mm in length.

This is by no means a technical review, just a user review and some sample shots. Camera Labs has a decent review here if you need tech specs and DP Review of course has a super detailed review here.

First of all, the Sigma is a beast. A heavy beast at that. Be warned and carry a monopod. You'll need it.

After carefully packing all our bags with gear needed we headed out to Darrell's Wharf for pick up via Connor's boat. We had multiple Nikon D4's, 24-70's, 70-200's and the Sigma. We were hoping that we'd get out in time to see the large 45 footers, or at the very least one of them as we hear they are due to leave the Island shortly so our window of getting the required shots was closing fast. Little did we know at the time but Artemis apparently packing their gear today (Fri Jul 3) and heading away until something like September. 

Out through Two Rock passage we raced, gear taking up all the floor space including two large boxes with "Big Bird" our biggest hex-powered drone, a smaller DJI Inspire and all the controllers/monitors/etc that go with it. Within minutes, Connor was the first to spot two massive sails in the distance south towards Harbor Road in the Warwick area positively smoking across the water. Throttle forward we flew across the Great Sound towards Scaur Hill to prepare the gear. 

The range of this Sigma is fantastic. I could not actually believe how versatile it is. Look at the two images below. First one is at 150mm and second at 600mm and factor in that we are on a moving, rocking boat in fairly bumpy chop, hand held:


150mm Focal Distance:

600mm Focal Distance

The detail at 600mm is amazing. Below at 100% crop:

Pretty impressive really. 

Now in terms of performance, I was really impressed with this lens over previous Sigmas super zooms I have used. Granted that it was a bright and sunny day, this lens performed really well. 

Here are a few samples below, can't share too many as they are from a commercial shoot so I have to save the best ones:

JM4_9504-59JM4_9504-59 JM4_9382-5JM4_9382-5 JM4_9738-131JM4_9738-131


This lens sells at P-Tech for just shy of $3,000 at $2,999 and at that price-point, for this quality and versatility it is a steal. Go pick one up and get ready for your America's Cup shooting today. Available for both Canon and Nikon full frame bodies.





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New York City | Feb 2015 The first week of February saw a trip to #NYC in support of Petals Bermuda and creative director Nikki who was on a whirl-wind buying trip to get ready for #Valenine's which is tomorrow as of the writing of this account. 

Now I've got to say I absolutely LOVE NYC, but not the cold and I've to admit, it was very chilly this trip with remains of snow on the ground and on some buildings. 

P1190060-1P1190060-1 P1190066-2P1190066-2

It's interesting to note that while temperatures hovered between 12 and 14 degrees farenheit, it did not seem that cold until the breeze picked up. Then it was brutal!




Javits Centre windows looking out to the City. 



Oysters. OMG. They were sooo good. 

P1190128-6P1190128-6 P1190143-7P1190143-7

The flower stores in the flower market were absolutely stunning. 


This exhibit above is housed in the Flatiron Building and is a tribute to war veterans with custom painted helmets. 


After dropping off Nikki to her work shop with famous designer Christian Tortu, I set off around the City via 5th Avenue to shoot in rather chilly and windy conditions. Brr. 

P1190231-3P1190231-3 P1190241-4P1190241-4

Fabulous that you can rent a bike from one place and drop it off in another. 

P1190246-5P1190246-5 P1190254-6P1190254-6 P1190258-7P1190258-7 P1190261-8P1190261-8 P1190263-9P1190263-9 P1190272-10P1190272-10 P1190282-11P1190282-11 P1190285-12P1190285-12 P1190287-13P1190287-13 P1190288-14P1190288-14 P1190290-15P1190290-15 P1190296-16P1190296-16

I feel a little better knowing even New Yorkers were wrapped up tight. 

P1190298-17P1190298-17 P1190301-18P1190301-18 P1190306-Edit-19P1190306-Edit-19 P1190307-20P1190307-20 P1190308-21P1190308-21 P1190311-22P1190311-22 P1190314-23P1190314-23 P1190316-24P1190316-24

Tried to stop in and see the "Donald" 

P1190324-25P1190324-25 P1190328-26P1190328-26 P1190329-Edit-27P1190329-Edit-27 P1190332-28P1190332-28 P1190339-29P1190339-29 P1190341-30P1190341-30


Mecca for Apple geeks, like me. Plus it was warm inside. That's my excuse for going in really. ;)  P1190354-32P1190354-32 P1190359-33P1190359-33


Made my way down to Central Park. Plenty of snow on the ground and very cool, but when the sun poked out you at least feel like it should be a little warmer. 

P1190416-35P1190416-35 P1190418-36P1190418-36 P1190432-37P1190432-37 P1190435-38P1190435-38 P1190446-Edit-39P1190446-Edit-39 P1190469-40P1190469-40 P1190484-41P1190484-41 P1190530-42P1190530-42 P1190539-43P1190539-43 P1190540-44P1190540-44

Even the "regular folk" are extremely trendy and you feel as though you are walking amongst models. 

P1190541-45P1190541-45 P1190543-46P1190543-46 P1190545-47P1190545-47 P1190556-48P1190556-48 P1190559-49P1190559-49 P1190566-50P1190566-50 P1190569-51P1190569-51 P1190570-52P1190570-52 P1190577-53P1190577-53 P1190580-54P1190580-54 P1190588-55P1190588-55 P1190598-56P1190598-56

Great way to travel kid. Enjoy it while you can. 

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Bermuda: Photos of the week ending January 3rd, 2015 Here we are in the year 2015. No hover boards, hover cars, land speeders or other sci-fi floaty devices we expected to have by now. But what we do have, in spades is the beauty that is Bermuda. Even though still a tiny spec in the middle of the Atlantic the sights around me never cease to fill my senses with both awe & respect if not also gratitude to live here. 

New Year's Eve I thought should be special for my last series of photos to end out an amazing year. I looked up where precisely the line of the sunset would fall in relation to the South and West edges of Bermuda and settled on Elbow Beach all the way to the Coral Beach end of the sand. 

JM8_6789-1JM8_6789-1 JM8_6787-2JM8_6787-2 JM8_6783-3JM8_6783-3 JM8_6753-5JM8_6753-5

There were a few people on the beach who had the same idea as I, to see the last sunset of the year in a special spot and as you can see in the images above the sunset gods did not disappoint. 

New Year's Day was then upon us and a walk was in order. 

JM4_6749-7JM4_6749-7 JM4_6760-5JM4_6760-5 JM4_6762-4JM4_6762-4 JM4_6778-3JM4_6778-3

Greenery around Spittal Pond


Spittal Pond was the morning walk of choice location on New Year's Day. Fabulously quiet, peaceful and beautiful. There was a massive white heron that was just out of range for a photo, or perhaps he or she was just a little shy. 


In and around the pond, ducks stood in the warm January sun (yes warm, in fact hot!) and they even took quick swims around the pond presumably to cool off. 


The pond with St Mark's in the background


There are so many little different components to the natural beauty that is Spittal Pond. Well worth taking a look and walk around if you've not been in a while. 


Earlier in the week there was a little drama down-town in the area of Court Street with armed officers in attendance to serve a warrant for what must have been of some serious nature for them to turn up with such a show of force. 

JM4_6723-Edit-4JM4_6723-Edit-4 JM4_6677-3JM4_6677-3 JM4_6669-2JM4_6669-2 JM4_6668-Edit-1JM4_6668-Edit-1

Hopefully this is not a preview of the year ahead in terms of troubles on the Island. With the announcement of Bermuda hosting the 2017 America's Cup 35 event and all that goes with it in terms of opportunity for all Bermudians this will not be the case. 

Here's a final image to keep us all upbeat again shot at Horseshoe Bay from on top of the cliffs in a hand-held 10 shot panorama stitched together in Photoshop:


As always, to keep up with us follow us on:

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Bermuda: Photos of the week ending Oct 5th 2013 Spanish Point Park.

I had an hour to kill on Monday morning, and it was an extremely calm yet dark morning. It had rained earlier, there were still clouds overhead and it threatened to rain again. But I was in the mood to shoot and was not to be deterred. I just needed a good spot. 

The CalmThe Calm

There was something oddly powerful about the mood in the air despite the calm air and I happen to like it when it is both overcast and moody at the same time and figured I'd get lucky with one of the small bays with boats to get some equally moody shots in the calm. The closest of such inland waters to me at the time was Spanish Point Park, so off I headed in full rain gear. 


Ripples in the water were not caused by the wind; there was none. Small fish, most likely fry were being chased by slightly larger fish as well as a rather large heron flying overhead then later, walking through the shallows. 

Back offBack offTwo birds compete for the same fish. Who says size does not matter?

Just around the point, the heron landed and was using his beady eyes to look for his next meal. The fry kept swimming right up to the area he was sitting in, next to the old rusted out barges. While he was catching his breakfast, another pesky bird kept flying in to try his luck on stealing the catch, to no avail. 

Spanish Point Park is beautiful on a sunny day and on the North Shore side of the park there are a few small, calm beaches in shallow water that are great for small kids to splash around in. But even when the weather does not appear to be all that great, the area is still beautiful in it's own right. Be sure to take a visit, no matter the weather. 

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Bermuda: Photos of the week ending Sept 14th 2013 JM6_4964-52JM6_4964-52 This is NOT a sight you see often in Bermuda at all; surfing. We don't have the beaches or the coast for it, plus we have a huge reef that pretty much surrounds the whole island, yet here on Horseshoe Bay beach, due to Tropical Storm Gabrielle we had surf this past week. It was awesome. Now don't get me wrong you surfers from Hawaii or the US or Australia. These are not big waves, in fact they are tiny, minute you might say, but still, they are waves and they are just surfable. 

JM6_4944-41JM6_4944-41 I first went down at lunch time, or just before as the tide was coming in. The local surfers had warned me that the conditions here would be much better at high tide, but for Bermuda, these were pretty good. The only issue is they form fast and break fast and I would say you only get a run of about 30-50ft before they shut down due to the bottom shape. 

WaitWait After work (about 6pm) I decided to go back up to Horseshoe, but this time only took my little Nikon J3 in its water housing. Dressed in board shorts, I hit the water and this was the first shot I got. I spent about 20 minutes in the water before realizing I really could use either fins or a PFD (personal flotation device) and opted for the latter. 

KickKickKickin' hard to catch that wave Being out in the surf is great. Certainly no Clark Little and I don't have his kit either and the waves are NOTHING like hawaii, but still pretty cool. I wish it had been a little clearer and no so overcast. It certainly would have made for better images, but I'm glad I was able to get these just the same. 

Give it all you gotGive it all you gotPaddling hard for the face! I was somewhat surprised to see just how many surfers and boards there are in Bermuda, not to mention there are some pretty young kids out there with some mad skills despite the little practise they must get here.

WaitWaitA kitesurfer launches into the air As the winds were still pretty strong, the kitesurfers were also out in force, staying out just beyond the break. No doubt they were loving the conditions also. 

DropDropA young surfer drops in and I follow All in all, a pretty good day for the surfers, bodyboarders and shooting them. Visit the full surfing gallery here.

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Bermuda: Photos of the week ending Sept 7th 2013 Lit palmJM8-4647 I was out and about on Wednesday afternoon taking a rather long route back home after work, (via Harrington Sound no less) when traveling along Middle Road in Paget towards the Botanical Gardens I noticed a lovely glow coming from the back of the gardens. So many times I would ride by and say to myself I really should stop and go back and capture that and then keep going on my way, but I have been telling myself to be more disciplined and stop. You will never get the same chance again. So, I turned into a driveway, about faced and headed back to the gate. 

JM8-4595 There's a huge old Indian Rubber Tree, been growing there forever I'm sure. It sits in the low beams of the sun like some old dinosaur foot, resting on the ground. The way the light caught it just made it seem more old, wrinkled and tired than I'd seen it before. 

JM8-4592 Surprisingly, there is also growing out of nowhere, bamboo reaching straight up to the sky. There's not a lot of it mind you, but still, it's there in the middle of oleanders and Indian Rubber trees.

JM8-4603 Sometimes you just have to stop and look. I mean really stand still. Open your eyes and slowly let your gaze drift around taking in the light. It's quite amazing light. All around the light is making even the boring seem more interesting. 

JM8-4641 So the next time you are out and about, stop. Look. Take it all in slowly. It's worth it. 

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