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Our Pricing Model

We try to keep things simple and have not changed much over the years. We try to keep our pricing competitive and we ensure that our clients are happy with their purchases and services they receive from us.

Our hourly rates are as follows:

  • Photo – $250/hr
  • Video – $250/hr
  • Aerial- $250/hr
  • Editing- $75/hr

For specific events, use our contact form and we will provide custom pricing once we have had a chance to discuss with you.


Image Pricing is as follows (general)

  •  Web use- $150.00 -$250.00 per image
  • Print- $500 per image for general print use, larger sizes than 8″ x 11″ will need a specific request for pricing. Please use our contact form. 

Freequently Asked Questions

What kind of licensing do you offer?

We have multiple licensing models, but we try to keep it both simple and specific to your requirement. Use our contact form for specific requests. 

What if I just want one photo?

You can absolutely buy a single photo. See our basic pricing above. Contact us using our contact form for any specific requests. 

Live Support

  • Where at all possible, we like to provide live, instant support. To see if there is someone available, please click to send a chat request now